Davies offers compromise over block on commercial building

Shipley MP Philip Davies.
Shipley MP Philip Davies.
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Shipley MP Philip Davies has offered a compromise over his steadfast opposition to allow the development of commercial and housing schemes on greenfield land in the city of Bradford.

The outspoken and maverick MP had been the bane of the city’s planners and property folk for the last few months, due to his intervention in the process to ear-mark land for housing and commercial use.

However, desipite being in a minority of one for much of the session, Mr Davies agreed to speak to the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Property Forum on April 5.

In a fiery session he told the audience and the panel that they were living in “cloud cuckoo land” if they thought the majority of Bradford’s housing requirement would be fulfilled in urban areas, as the plan, known as the Core Strategy, had set out.

However he also offered a compromise, saying if the first 20,000 homes were actually built in urban Bradford, his constituents would probably agree to “take a share” of housing on green belt.

He added the caveat that in reality he felt that would not happen – and “everyone in the room knows that won’t happen”.

Afterwards, BPF Chairman, Allan Booth of Rance Booth Smith architects, said: “Philip knew what to expect when he agreed to attend the event, so he cannot be accused of dodging the flak; and we expect him to represent his constituents; but the other panellists also put forward good reasons for why the inclusion of some green belt is necessary.”