On this day in Yorkshire

Tramcar accident at Bradford. Exciting street scene

February 6, 1907

A tramcar accident which, although not attended by serious consequences, caused great excitement and alarm, occurred in Bradford yesterday morning.

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About half-past nine, car No 120, driven by Harry Robinson, was proceeding down Wakefield Road in the direction of the Town Hall, when it collided with a Great Northern Railway dray coming from the direction of Adolphus Street.

The impact threw the driver of the waggon. John Smith, 37, Intake Road, to the ground, and he received a slight wound on his right temple. Both shafts of the waggon were smashed, and the horse was knocked down.

The front of the tramcar was bulged in, with result that the brake mechanism was rendered useless. The car at once got beyond the control of the driver, and being on a down grade, quickly began to gather speed, much to the alarm of about twenty passengers, who began to fear the possibilities of a fearful smash at the bottom of the sudden descent into Bridge Street.

Fortunately the junction of the lines from Croft Street and Bridge Street minimised the risk, and the car, having travelled for about one hundred yards without control, jumped the points at the corner of Croft Street.

Travelling across the road it crashed into a lamp-post, knocking it down, and ultimately came to a standstill against the side of the kerbstone.

With the exception of a young lady who complained of shock, the passengers escaped without injury, but the driver had his foot slightly injured in the collision with the dray.