On this day in Yorkshire 1940

Harrogate Stray to be ploughed up

Harrogate Stray, already given over to sheep grazing, is now to be ploughed up, so that before long fields of corn will wave within a few hundred yards of the fashionable shopping centre.

Sixty acres of the Stray, between Wetherby Road and Stray Rein, have been accepted from the Corporation by the West Riding Agricultural Committee.

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It is probable that wheat will be the crop sown, although, according to the Town Clerk (Mr. J. M. Dodds), it is not yet clear whether the sowing will be undertaken by the municipality or by private farmers.

Other land in Harrogate, including the Grove House playing fields and allotments on Harlow Moor, will bring the total available land to more than lOO acres.

Mock Battle in Streets (location censored)

In a Yorkshire town yesterday there was an attack on road blocks manned by Local Defence Volunteers in a mock invasion battle.

Heavy rifle and machine-gun fire echoed through the streets as detachments of volunteers came in contact with the “enemy” and exchanged blank shots in realistic style.

Householders watched the proceedings unperturbed as the opposing forces shot and bombed each other in the streets for the mastery.

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