On this day in Yorkshire 1945

Leeds Storm Damage: Two houses struck by lightening

DURING a severe thunderstorm which centred over the Leeds district last night two tramway standards and the chimney-stack of a house in Beeston and the chimney-stack of house off Roundhay Road were struck by lightning.

A tramcar In Cookridge Street was also disabled by lightning, and had to taken to a depot, passengers having to transfer to another tram.

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No-one was reported to have suffered injury, and little damage was done.

The storm broke over Leeds about 7 o’clock and lasted for nearly an hour. The house off Roundhay Road which was struck by lightning was one in Grant Avenue, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. B. Yaffa. The chimneystack and several tiles of the roof were dislodged.

Mr. and Mrs. Yaffa and their two year-old daughter were sitting round the fire in the living room when the house was struck.

“We heard a tremendous crash, and flames shot from the fireplace into the room,” Mr. Yaffa told a Yorkshire Post reporter. The room was filled with red sparks of burning soot. “I ran out to summon the firemen. and we took our child to a neighbour’s house.”

The dislodged chimney stack smashed a hole in the roof, and a bedroom ceiling was cracked. The little girl suffered slightly from shock.

The Beeston house struck was in Altofts Place, and occupied by Mr. William Harrison.

“It was just like the sound of a shell exploding said Mr. Harrison.

Part of the chimney-stack crashed on to outbuildings in the yard, but there was no one the yard the time. The chimney caught fire, but this was promptly dealt with by the N.F.S. from Sweet Street, who were quickly on the scene.

The two tramway standards struck were Beeston Road, one opposite Beeston School and the other near to the Coach and Horses Inn. N.F.S. and Tramways staff attended to the damage, and there was no serious traffic delay.

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