On this day in Yorkshire 1946

City Square air raid shelters to be demolished

Work will start next week on the demolition of the air raid shelters which were built in Leeds City Square early the war.

The wooden tram shelters are to stay for the time being. Complaints had been made recently that the shelters should still be disfiguring the Square, but tenders for their breaking up, which had been submitted some months ago, were not approved by the Home Office until yesterday.

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The tram shelters, which have also been criticised as unsightly, are still regarded as temporary, but will not be removed until steel is available for permanent structures.

This partial clearing of City Square recalls plans prepared for the city Council 1938.

The first called for the removal of the balustrades in the Square, and a redesigning of the circle they enclose.

The second, and more sweeping proposal, was that all the balustrades and statues be taken away, and the site cleared of stone and concrete paving.

These plans, which could not have been carried out during the war, may now be put forward again. They have not yet been reconsidered by the Council.

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