On this day in Yorkshire 1952

French soccer girls beaten at Dewsbury

While France last night celebrated the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a team of French women soccer players tried to storm the goal of an English women’s team at Crown Flatt, Dewsbury.

They succeeded only once, but the English team stormed their goal five times, watched by a crowd of more than 300.

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When it was all over and the French girls had changed from their red sweaters and neatly pressed blue shorts, 20-year-old Rosette Huard, one of the few members of the team who spoke English, told a colleague that the crowds in the streets outside her Paris home would be dancing and singing in celebration of the historic event of July 14, 1789. that heralded the triumph of the French Revolution.

“Of course, we should like to be at home for Bastille night.” she said. “but for the past two years I have missed it and I do not mind. I like my football.”

This the third year in succession that Rosette has spent Bastille night playing football for France In England.

After the match the French team went into their flag-bedecked motor coach and went on to Preston, where they will play today. During their two weeks in Britain they will have matches at Carlisle, Bradford and Whitley Bay.

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