On this day in Yorkshire 1976

Thirsty City May Drink River Dry in Two Months

The River Nidd could run dry by the first week in october following a decision taken yesterday to allow more water to be pumped out for use in Leeds.

Electric pumps will start extracting the water next week, and unless there is continuous havy rain, the Gouthwaite Compensation Reservoir through which the Nidd flows near Pateley bridge will be dry in just over 60 days.

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The Drought Bill which gives authorities tougher powers to deal with the crisis completed its passage through Parliament last night and now awaits Royal Assent.

Drought Raises Bumper Crop of History

Members of West Yorkshire County Council’s archaeological unit are almost praying for another drought.

The last two very dry spells have enabled them to make “the best finds in the county in 50 years,” one of the archaeologists, Mr. Bob Yarwood, said yesterday.

Drought, he explains, brings out marks on land that follow the lines of walls and buildings dating back as far as the Iron and Bronze Ages.

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