Dead mouse found in supermarket

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AN Eastern European supermarket in Hull has been closed and had most of its food destroyed after it was found to be infested with mice.

Environmental health officers immediately shut Vars in Hessle Road after finding signs of an “extensive and well established” infestation during a routine inspection.

Findings included: a dead mouse; droppings on the floor and on all of the shelves; packs of food damaged by chewing; and a “detectable odour of mouse urine on the food”.

After the inspection the shop, owned by Jelena Grinevica, was given a food hygiene rating of zero, requiring urgent improvement.

Hull Council said basic attempts to eradicate the problem had been taken but a professional pest controller had not been used.

All food was removed apart from items contained in freezers with lids.

Magistrates later granted a prohibition order keeping the business closed until officers are satisfied that there is no longer an imminent risk to public health.

The court also ordered the company to pay the £868.34 costs of seizing and destroying the food.