Dear Santa, we want to spend more time with mum and dad…

Picture: Mark Frear
Picture: Mark Frear
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CHILDREN in Yorkshire have provided heart-warming proof that the most valuable commodity any parent can give their offspring this Christmas is time, rather than money.

With mums and dads across the country preparing to spend record amounts on toys, a national survey has revealed that the two gifts most children would like to give their parents are a ‘moneytree’ and super powers.

However in Yorkshire, the most popular presents from youngsters who had the ability to give their parents anything in the world is eternal life and ‘never having to go to work again.’

In an increasingly materialistic society, the survey by loyalty card Nectar tells an uplifting story of how much spending time with their family means more to Yorkshire children than the latest Star Wars spin-off or mobile phone.

The top five choices for Yorkshire children are:

1 - the ability to live forever ( 29.4 per cent)

2 - Never having to go to work (29.4)

3 - Money tree (25.5)

4 - Super powers (21.6)

5 - Family holiday (18.6)

The top 15 presents nationally that children would like to give their parents are:

1 - Money tree

2 - To live forever

3 - Never having to work again

4 - Super powers

5 - More time to spend with me

6 - Family holiday

7 - Palace to live in

8 - Endless supply of chocolate

9 - New car

10 - Swimming pool

11 - New pet

12 - Sunshine all year round

13 - A crown/tiara

14 - A real light saber

15 - Friendly tiger

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