December 12: Small contribution that could save bus routes

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From: Terry Morrell, Prunus Avenue, Willerby, East Yorkshire.

TO make sense of bus pass usage, we should all pay a small amount on each journey, say 50p/£1.

This would be paid directly to the driver, similar to a fare.

The money would be divided equally between the bus company and the local authority who deduct this amount from the subsidy.

This would obviate the need of any admin costs and reduce the demand on the rates and help the bus operator.

In turn, less profitable routes would survive and would stop lazy people hopping on a bus for one or two stops. A small price to pay?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WITH regard to Coun Tim Mickleburgh’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) concerning whether or not Sir Ian Botham and other wealthy pensioners should be given a bus pass. This shows how the Labour party think. Of course he is entitled, as we all are who have worked all our lives and paid our taxes, to all the benefits of retirement. I doubt very much if he will use the pass, but the cost of means testing pensioners for these benefits would far outweigh any use he makes of his perk. No wonder the public don’t trust Labour to sort out our economy.