December 5: Schools must take lead on closing skills gap

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From: Mark Kennedy, Principal Designate, UTC Leeds.

CAL Bailey’s thoughts on the lack of careers guidance in secondary schools are well made and 
timely (The Yorkshire Post, December 2).

There is a great deal of work to be done in educating both teachers and parents in the career opportunities 
that engineering and manufacturing can offer our young people.

We face a national skills shortage in engineering 
and manufacturing and 
schemes such as NG Bailey’s Inspire programme which provides practical experience in STEM fields is to be applauded.

The key to improving the skills gap is to build closer relationships between business and schools.

As Principal Designate at UTC Leeds, a new school for 14-18 year-olds which will focus on advanced manufacturing and engineering, we are working with local businesses to ensure our pupils have the relevant skills and knowledge which industry needs.

Only by working better with businesses will schools be able to offer the quality of careers advice and guidance their pupils deserve.