Dedicated care staff brave flood

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From: Mike Padgham, Chair, Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire), Eastway, Eastfield, Scarborough.

THE recent upheaval caused by flooding has again served to highlight the excellent and unsung work that is done by carers working in the public and independent sector in the UK.

Over the past few days, there have been many examples of homecarers wading through water or taking a boat to reach clients all but cut off by the terrible floods. The commitment shown, coupled with the hard work that carers will put in during the coming Christmas holidays, deserves to be highlighted as prominently as the bad news.

Rapid tempo

From: David F Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

CLASSIC FM broadcasts an excellent programme of musical pieces on Sunday mornings, and I’m always ready to improve my limited knowledge and to note down a piece that would add to my CD collection.

Fat chance, I’m afraid. The presenter, a gentleman with a rather splendid Welsh-sounding name, comments on each piece in such a throw-away style that even my excellent NHS hearing aid is unable to catch the details. Mr Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen – please spare a thought for one of your less sophisticated listeners.

Damage done

From: David Bradley, Arden Court, Horbury, Wakefield.

SARAH Champion, the new MP for Rotherham, said she wanted to work to change the damage done by David Cameron to Rotherham (Yorkshire Post, December 1). What about the damage done to Rotherham by Labour? A Labour MP who abused his expenses, and the Labour council having no control over vulnerable children and attempting control over foster parents’ political views. What a dangerous bunch.