Delight for parents 
as miracle vest for 
little Abbie funded

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A Drighlington couple have declared their “Christmas has come early” after £8,000 was raised to pay for a medical vest to help treat their youngest daughter’s illness.

David and Laura Venner’s two-year-old daughter Abbie suffers from cystic fibrosis and she has to go through a daily physio routine to stop infectious mucus clogging up her lungs.

However, after an appeal in April, a series of fundraising events and kind-hearted donors have helped Abbie’s parents stump up the cash to pay for the vest.

The vest works by having a pain-free compressing effect on Abbie’s chest to rid her of mucus, significantly reducing the risk of her becoming infected and making it easier for her to breathe.

Although the vest can’t be used yet due to Abbie’s size, it is a welcome relief for the couple, who work tirelessly to keep Abbie well and happy.

Mr Venner, 43, said: “Now that the jacket’s come through it’s Christmas came a week early for us.

“Even though she can’t use it yet it’s a huge relief to know that it’s there and ready to use when she does need it. We no longer have to worry about it going out of stock or not being able to get hold of it.

“Our lives will be made so much easier by this. At the moment we have to try to pin her down so she can do her physio, and trying to pin toddlers down isn’t easy – you know what they’re like. The way the jacket works means we can sit her down in front of the TV and let her play while it’s working. It will make it so much easier.”

The charity of people both in Morley and further afield has been greeted with heartfelt gratitude from the couple, who had to set about fundraising because the jacket was not available on the NHS.