Depraved terrorists egged on by human rights madness

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From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

I FIND it impossible to understand the depth of depravity which Islamic State and Taliban terrorists have sunk to and how seriously deranged they must be if they believe their deeds have any connection with the wishes of God.

From the beheading by Islamic State terrorists of hostages, to the slaughter by the Taliban of over 130 schoolchildren in Pakistan and the coffee bar siege in Australia, evil knows no boundaries. I am certain that most of us can not even begin to understanding just what the World is coming to; what will be the outcome, and for how long this appalling evil will continue to happen.

But, before these atrocities happened, how did terrorists view the measures taken by Britain and the rest of Europe to combat their behaviour?

Our Armed Forces have had to endure an inquiry lasting over five years into their alleged mistreating of Iraqi terrorist detainees which must have been utterly demoralising after they risked their lives for all of us in atrocious conditions.

The Iraqis who sued the Ministry of Defence were simply lying in order to discredit soldiers and a judge ruled that allegations of torture and murder were “wholly without foundation” and our servicemen were totally innocent.

These inquiries were not conducted by a foreign power; oh no, they were done by Britain’s legal eagles, and of course were funded, at a cost of £31m, by the taxpayers.

Then along comes another stupid directive from the European Court of Human Rights which, somehow is able to dismiss the above mentioned atrocities and tells us that military personnel must not shout at suspected terrorists as this constitutes verbal abuse.

During National Service ‘square-bashing’ thousands of us must have suffered alarming verbal abuse from drill corporals and sergeants and we were innocent British citizens doing our bit for the country and certainly not terrorists. I distinctly remember a sergeant’s face pushed up to mine and him shouting ‘you horrible little man’, on very many occasions, so do I have a claim? Could the amount of compensation be substantial?

Has this verbal abuse, at such a relatively young age, had an adverse affect on my whole life? My main concern is the qualifications of the highly paid bureaucratic wallies who make such proposals. Certainly, they must have been purged of any traces of common sense, yet, we simply allow this madness to continue.