Design of new homes failing to pass muster

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From: Dave Greenwood, Cleveland Road, Huddersfield.

IT is interesting to see that there is agreement at both national and local levels about the requirement for “new homes” but noticeably there is little discussion about what the new building will bring with it.

We may, I suppose, expect that the new Garden City will reveal something.

It is not likely to look like the council estates of the post-War period with gardens and space between them, grass verges, a pub and a row of shops.

Today things have to be shoehorned together.

Not only is the presentation generally revolting but there are usually so many cars that you’d think that there was a Tupperware party in every other house.

And then there are some basics of the buildings.

Scrap those silly composite trusses which make the roof space unusable. No need for big beams, after all; there is some stuff out there called steel.

Why no cellars? Our forefathers managed to include them without the aid of mechanical diggers and ready to use concrete.

Also, given that solar power is accepted as one of the best steps towards dealing with climate change, why shouldn’t there be a proper solar construction on each roof?