Despair – after an adult life mostly out of work

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MELVIN Stancliffe has been a rare interloper into the world of paid employment during his 45 years living in West and South Yorkshire.

Although an extremely bright student with a qualifications in scientific subjects and mathematics he would be the first to admit that his academic potential failed to translate into prowess at getting jobs.

These days he has been reduced to applying for jobs stacking shelves at local supermarkets. A recent placement at Tesco in Marsh, Huddersfield, seemed to go well but before long he found himself being shown the exit door.

Save for this brief tenure at the supermarket and a few months spent working as a security guard he has been out of his work for his entire adult life.

Perhaps in a sign of how dispiriting his search for employment has been, Mr Stancliffe says that he was even pleased to receive a rejection letter from fast food baking chain Greggs.

The letter brought him pleasure as all too often his applications for employment with local firms do not merit a phone call let along a letter.

He told the Yorkshire Post: “I was very pleased about this as I rarely even get an acknowledgment.

“I have been looking for shop work but am willing to consider almost anything.

“Ideally I would like a position in a library even if it is in a voluntary role.”

Developing diabetes several years has made his job searching even harder but he says he is determined not to give up his search for work.

One of the side effects of diabetes can be depression and that has, as he says, given him “a double battle to keep my spirits up”.

Living on his own with few friends in Marsh and little money, Mr Stancliffe has a few close relatives whom live at the other end of the country in Bristol.

He admits the Holy Grail of a decent job is something he has come close to despairing of ever achieving.

He said: “I am not feeling optimistic and am fairly pessimistic to be honest though things are a bit better than they have been in recent months.”