Destination for a life on benefits

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From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

AFTER watching recent TV programmes demonstrating the abuse of the British benefit system and other free services by people from Romania and other countries, it explains why Britain is the prime destination for people who want to live the good life. Unfortunately the good life for some is financed by the British people who have paid for the benefit system over many years.

One woman asylum seeker who appeared on the programme had lived in Britain for nine years, never worked and was demanding the British people continued to support her family and pay for her expensive home in London. There appears to be no other country in Europe which is prepared to give access to their benefit systems to all who arrive and this poses the question: why are we doing this?

The queues of asylum seekers in France have travelled through many countries but the only country they want to live in is Britain. Even our pathetic politicians who have watched this problem grow over time cannot continue to ignore the threat it poses to our benefit, health and education systems.

How can we provide housing for the people of this country when a huge number of people are entering the country each year attracted by accessing our free social systems?

If the number entering Britain legally and illegally every year is around 200,000, how many homes will be required to accommodate them?

The truth is all the political parties have been unable to protect the country from this increasing threat to our free services that have been financed over time by the British people.

Are the politicians waiting until the social security and health system ceases to function before they apply the restrictions to free health and social security imposed by other EU countries?

View from Whitehall

From: Alec Denton, Guiseley.

I AGREE totally with your Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, April 14) and wonder what we have done to deserve being saddled with the current crop of Whitehall Wallies?

Linking West Yorkshire with Lancashire and North Yorkshire with Cumbria etc for regional school commissioners makes no sense whatsoever, not just in terms of the current Ofsted system, but also in terms of history, geography and plain common sense. Trying to run the country via computer-generated numbers without relating decisions to real life is not just guaranteeing failure from the start– we are still suffering from decisions made by the same people when they reorganised the Leeds council wards.

The current crop of Sir Humphreys do not understand this country and are driving us towards the expense of further devolved government.

London is drain on UK

From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley, West Yorkshire.

HERE are a few facts that have flown my way recently.

Roughly 80 per cent of all private sector jobs created over the last five years are based in London. Of those, about a quarter are housing-based – estate agents, mortgage brokers etc. Spending on public transport, per head, in London is about £5,000. Here in the North, it’s roughly £700. So when “Call me Dave” Cameron tells you the recession is over, he’s actually talking about London.

The message to the rest of us is very simple. Keep voting for the clueless and the clueless keep doing the same thing. London is starving the regions into poverty. And you’re letting it happen.

Thanks for clean-up

From: David March, Springhill Court, Tadcaster.

IT was heartening to read (The Yorkshire Post, April 15) that Yorkshire’s beaches are some of the cleanest in the country.

I’d like to think this is partly due to the sterling work carried out by the volunteers on the regular beach cleans carried out on our beaches on behalf of the Marine Conservation Society.

We held our spring beach clean at Robin Hood’s Bay on April 6 and collected over 23kg of rubbish made up of over 800 pieces of litter including the ever present plastic.

Could I through your paper thank all the volunteers on the clean and invite any of your readers to our, and other groups’, beach cleans.

The next one planned for Robin Hood’s Bay is on July 6 and all are welcome.

Heysel dead are ignored

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby.

The fallen at Hillsborough were being properly remembered in the annual memorial service at Anfield (The Yorkshire Post, April 16). Quite right too.

Why is it though that the names of the 39 Juventus fans who died at Heysel are never read out with the lost 96?

It smacks of Maggie Thatcher vetoing prayers for the Argentine war dead. A lack of magnanimity.

A pity, because Liverpudlians are famous for being warm-hearted people.

Mum’s word

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

A HARRASSED mother’s response to a fractious child’s repeated demands “Mam, wheere’s me...?” would often be “Sithee, it’s on t’pianner wi’ thi clogs!”