Determined teenager given rare medal for her bravery

A TEENAGER who spent two years receiving hospital treatment for a rare form of cancer has been awarded one of the scouting world’s highest accolades.

Megan Kershaw, 14, received weekly visits from The First Sheffield Children’s Hospital Scout Group while being treated at the hospital in Sheffield.

And now, the Scouts have awarded her the “Medal for Meritorious Conduct”, in recognition of her courage and determination.

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Megan, from Misson, Doncaster, was diagnosed with a liver tumour when she was just 10 years old.

She said: “Being told I had cancer and going into hospital all happened really suddenly and was a bit of a blur.

“I missed being at school and around my friends having fun, so I loved it when the Scout group would come and visit me on the ward.”

Megan’s condition was discovered after she collapsed on the way home from school. She was referred to the oncology unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and started an intensive course of chemotherapy, during which time she enjoyed meeting with the Scouts once a week.

Megan returned home in 2008 after having three quarters of her liver removed, underwent further chemotherapy and is now being closely monitored.

She has now been presented with the Scout group’s first ever Medal for Meritorious Conduct during a ceremony at the hospital.

Megan’s mother Deborah Kershaw said: “It seems like a life time ago since Megan was last here, but it’s great to return in such positive circumstances and to see all of the Scouts again.”