Disabled parking cheats face action

A CRACKDOWN on motorists who illegally park in disabled parking spaces in Rotherham is set to be launched next Monday, following an increased number of complaints from blue badge holders.

Parking wardens will be looking for vehicles parked either in a disabled bay without displaying a valid blue badge, outside the bay markings, on yellow lines or hatched areas, or parked where they create an obstruction.

Car parks to be targeted include Wath Library, Montgomery Hall and Warehouse Lane in Watch, Queen Street and Church Street in Swinton and Constable Lane in Dinnington.

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Coun Richard Russell from Rotherham Council said: "The crackdown in these specific car parks is a direct result of the complaints the parking services unit has received from motorists with genuine disabilities.

"They have found they regularly have problems parking at these particular locations because of the unauthorised use of disabled bays by other motorists.

"Blue badges are issued for a very good reason. They remove some of the stress of travel from people, who otherwise potentially would not leave their homes."