Discount way to get hold of your personal data

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From: Mr SB Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike.

MORRISONS have announced numerous price cuts in their endeavours to claw back business (from the smaller discounters) after their very poor yearly figures.

Their latest “wheeze” to try to get loyalty from customers is a new scheme for those who purchase fuel from their forecourts using the “Morrisons Miles” card that currently accumulates points until a £5 grocery voucher is awarded.

The leaflet shouts “250 free points” (plus other subsequent promotions) for registering with the scheme. In order to register, customers have to fill in a rather lengthy form which asks for all the following details which are mandatory.

They require, on the form, the customer’s first name; last name; email address; date of birth; gender; mobile phone number; home phone number and full address with postcode.

I don’t know why they didn’t also ask for our National Insurance Number as well! But here’s the “cherry” on their rather flat cream cake - those massive 250 free points represent just 25p, the same number you would get by spending just £33 at the pump.

This appears to be a rather intrusive, but cheap, method to obtain very personal details of customers.