Discover your inner Brownlee with an elect​r​ic bike

Tony Booth, managing director of Yorkshire Electric Bike Company
Tony Booth, managing director of Yorkshire Electric Bike Company
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F​ancy following the Tour de Yorkshire, but can't face the uphill climb?

A new electric bike company has been launched to enable people to emulate the Olympic winning Brownlee brothers without the exhausting uphill struggle.

​Yorkshire Electric Bike Company​ ​will offer one of the largest selections of branded electrically-assisted bikes​ ​in the region​ w​ith showrooms in​ ​Shipley and Wetherby​.

The new venture will become ​a division of long established bike retailer All Terrain Cycles​. It aims to tap into the​ ​growing popularity of pedal-assisted bikes in the UK with the ​British ​market expected to catch up with​ ​Europe where 30​ per cent​ of bikes are electric.

Offering a choice of more that 50 e-bikes from the leading names​ such as Cube,​ ​customers will have the opportunity to test drive​ the bikes​.

Featuring a small, integrated​ ​electric motor which is engaged by pedalling or using the throttle on the handlebar, they have​ ​rechargeable batteries that ​can be charged at a normal mains socket​. It takes about three hours for a​ ​full charge which lasts for around 20 miles.

With a maximum uphill speed of 15mph, e-bikes have​ ​the added advantage of not requiring road tax or a licence.

Tony Booth, managing director of Yorkshire Electric Bike Company, ​said: “People seem to be​ ​more open to the idea of electric bikes. Initially, they were seen as being aimed at older people, but​ ​they are now becoming hip with much younger riders who want the thrill of some off road fun​ ​without the slog of ploughing up hills.

“There is still an element of exercise involved as you have to pedal in order for the motor to run, but​ ​it means you don’t have to be ultra-fit to go mountain biking with your friends and you have a little​ ​extra help if you’re recovering from an injury.​"

He said​ motorised bikes are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective which also makes them ideal for​ ​commuters or teenagers who want some independence.

​"​In fact, we’re finding that lots of motor​ ​cyclists are now turning to e-bikes​," he said.​

“Like many cycling purists, I was initially a little scathing about e-bikes - that was​ ​until I tried one myself​.​ I am now a complete convert – quality, branded electric bikes offer all the​ ​performance benefits you would expect from today’s pedal bikes, but the extra power boost makes​ ​them even more fun and gives the rider more options.

​"​While the UK has been slower than Europe to​ ​embrace e–cycling, the experts are predicting that the craze will soon take hold here too and I fully​ ​expect to see a surge in demand over the next year.”