Disorder in Huddersfield

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Five people have been arrested after a small number of disorder incidents were tackled by police in Huddersfield overnight.

At 10:20pm last night a group of four youths attacked the Asda on Bradford Road, smashing windows and stealing 5 TV’s.

Huddersfield, 10th August 2011''ASDA store boarded up.

Huddersfield, 10th August 2011''ASDA store boarded up.

The TV’s were found abandoned in the car park of the store after the thieves ran away when alarms were activated by staff in the store at the time.

Two police officers who were at the store in a police car at the time received minor injuries after their car had objects thrown at it by other youths in the area.

Chief Superintendent John Robins, Divisional Commander of Kirklees police

said: “There have been a number of incidents of localised disorder last night in communities around Huddersfield, but thankfully we have not had the serious urban disorder that other parts of the country have seen. It is clear that local youths were trying to copy the disorder and theft seen in other parts of the country, but thankfully the actions of brave police officers last night prevented this.

“Five local youths have been arrested for burglary and damage last night.

We have set up criminal investigations into every single report and we will pursue those responsible relentlessly.

“We have and will continue to have many extra officers working during the evening and night to ensure that our communities, homes and businesses are kept safe.

“I am grateful to the communities around Huddersfield in the way they supported the police officers last night and I appeal for anyone with information about disorder to continue to ring the police.

“We will continue to work with the Council and local communities to keep the people and businesses of Huddersfield safe.”

Elsewhere in Huddersfield there were five other incidents of disorder.

At 10pm, Deighton and Sheepridge WMC had windows smashed and a cash machine stolen from it by a group of youths. A 26-year old man suffered a leg injury.

At 10:30pm, reports were received that youths were setting fire to wheelie bins at Harpe Inge.

At 00:50 this morning a group of people wearing masks broke into Chestnut Medical Centre on Chestnut Street, damaging the centre and stealing a cash machine and cash from a till.

At 1:17am United Carpets on Union Street was found to have a door smashed.

Inside, a box of matches were found and a small scorch mark discovered. At the same time, John Brierley Ltd on Turnbridge Mills had a window smashed by a paving slab.