Disorder of the bath as plug dog Emma gets paw stuck

Emma got herself wedged in a plug hole. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Emma got herself wedged in a plug hole. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
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A DOG managed to get herself wedged in a plug hole, leading to a rescue described by the RSPCA as one of their most bizarre ever.

Emma, a 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, had her right paw completely stuck in the plug hole of a bath for over half an hour and her new owner could not get her free.

Carly Jarvis, 30, whose mother Christine, 65, had taken on terrier sisters Emma and Bonnie, went to her mother’s house in Sheffield to help bathe the dogs.

Carly said: “I’d brought up the shampoo for the dogs and my husband took the dogs upstairs to get them ready for their bath.

“But when we pulled the plug out of the bath as the water started to go down, we realised that little Emma had got her foot stuck firmly in the plug hole and there was nothing we could do.”

Carly, who has rescued dogs for a number of years, gave Emma and Bonnie to her mother after rescuing them from being put down following the death of their former owner.

RSPCA inspector Jennie Ronksley said it was soon clear that the dog’s foot was firmly stuck, and in the end they had to remove the whole of the plug and take out a bath panel.

“Little Emma was stuck for over half an hour and was clearly in pain as she yelped constantly whilst we tried to free her,” she said.

Carly did take the dog to the vet, but it was closed, so instead they took Emma home again and her husband Paul managed to clip the plug off using some tin snips. Once free, the little dog was immediately happier and her wound was treated.