Dispute over solar panels

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From: Danny Myers, Lees Lane, Northallerton.

In February this year I had a solar PV system installed at my house. The Feed in Tariff application was despatched by the installer, via Royal Mail to nPower on February 7 with the intention of ensuring that my system was registered before the tariff changes came into force on March 3.

Since this time, I have been in dispute with nPower because they claim that they did not receive the application until March 8.

Through your newspaper, I would be interested to hear from any other nPower customers who have experienced the same problem.

Yellow alert

From: N Bywater, Airedale Terrace, Morley, Leeds.

Is it any wonder that small, and large, town centres are struggling? Large and small supermarkets make sure that they have ample parking.

Yet here in Leeds, and its surrounding towns, yellow is a popular colour. Not single yellow lines, to allow parking at certain times; but double yellows to ban all parking. Of course anyone with a blue badge can park on double yellow lines – so it must be safe to park there.

Naked truth

From: John Eoin Douglas, Spey Terrace, Edinburgh.

The cost to the public purse of jailing Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has become intolerable.

Were he only to agree to have his external sexual organs surgically removed, his nudity could cause offence to nobody.

On the other hand, anybody going out unclothed in the current weather is clearly deranged and, on this basis, the use of Mental Health legislation may be justified.

Low voltage

From: G Lakin, Highton St, Walkley, Sheffield

Regarding the electrification of the railways, I believe this will not happen. Why? Because the bridges along all railway systems are too low to allow cabling to be fitted.