Disturbing precedent of Italy’s unelected leader

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From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

The amazing situation in the current Italian political scene exposes the truly anti democratic nature of the EU.

The ruling hierarchy of the EU, basically Germany and to a lesser degree France, appear to have successfully persuaded the Italian President to nominate Mario Monti as a replacement for the democratically elected former Prime Minister, Mr Berlusconi.

If Mario Monti was duly elected by the Italian people, that would be just fine and none of our business, but it seems to me that no election took place and that this man became the Prime Minister of Italy without any reference to the Italian electorate.

I suspect that the reason for this undemocratic appointment is probably because he is a former EU Commissioner and is much admired by the rest of the unelected bureaucracy of the EU.

If this is the way the EU is developing, then I am bound to wonder how long it will be before similar EU bureaucrats take over the running of Spain, Portugal and Ireland, displacing the elected politicians in the countries.

It is little wonder with hindsight, that we, the British people, were not allowed a referendum on our continued membership of the EU, when one considers that the likely outcome would have been an immediate withdrawal from this dictatorial and anti-democratic regime, and the restoration of British sovereignty to the duly-elected House of Commons in London.