Ditch-dredging and the power of common sense

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From: Keith Bagot, The Terrace, Honley, Holmfirth.

I AM writing in support of the letter penned by Mr G Senior from West Cowick, Goole (Yorkshire Post, January 11). His letter certainly makes common sense to me. I, myself, have penned letters to various people prompting that the rivers and ditches all need dredging.

It was many years ago a sight we often saw, plus the cleaning of the smaller rivers and tributary waterways of any rubbish and branches that would stop the free flow of water and causing problems. I also cannot understand why these huge wind turbines cannot be substituted by using hydro-electric power. If our rivers were kept dredged and free from debris, surely it would be a viable option. Besides the rivers never stop flowing, but the wind stops blowing and wind turbines have to stop if the wind speed gets over something like 40mph.

It would certainly be a better option than spoiling all our beautiful Yorkshire landscapes with great big white wind turbines. Let’s be honest, hydro-electric power has been installed in other regions. Plus there are also old water mills with the wheels still turning.

We could start by making full use of these rogues that have been sentenced by the courts to do community service. They could be tasked with keeping our ditches and watercourses clean and tidy, which will help to prevent future flooding.

As Mr G Senior said, it’s all down to common sense. If we did not give overseas aid to China, India, Africa and all the others, then I am sure this country would not have such a bad deficit. Let’s put our own house in order before giving aid to all these 
other countries. Common sense surely?

So I suggest all our Yorkshire MPs get their heads together and make a concerted effort to pressurise the Secretary of State for the Environment, Owen Paterson, and the Cabinet for money for investment against flooding by dredging our rivers, watercourses and ditches. At least it is pro-active, which invariably is cheaper than a reactive situation. Common sense, I believe!