DNA weapon in fight against nuisance off-road bikers

A NEW weapon in the fight against nuisance off-road quad-bikers and motorcyclists is to be used around-the-clock from now on.

A nuisance biker in Wakefield
A nuisance biker in Wakefield

DNA spray is used by police to mark anti-social riders with a chemical signature, meaning that even if they are wearing helmets or face masks, they can be identified and arrested later on.

The spray is non-toxic, colourless and odourless and each canister has a unique signature.

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Now, after its successful use by Wakefield's neighbourhood policing teams, the DNA spray is also being given to the division's patrol officers, who work shifts around-the-clock.

Inspector Paul Sullivan of Wakefield Police East, said: “We have seen an upswing in reports and what for me is disappointing is intelligence we are receiving suggesting some parents may be turning a blind eye to this sort of behaviour.

“I would say to parents that, quite frankly, if your children are involved in illegal off road riding and you are found to have been complicit or encouraged this you could well face action yourself.

“I would urge residents to report any information they may have about people riding anti socially in their communities to allow us to take action.

“Our investment in tools such as our DNA spray shows just how seriously we take this issue.”

The DNA spray canisters are being funded by Wakefield Council and are also in use in Kirklees.