Doctor who downloaded child sex images worked at Barnsley Hospital - report

A doctor convicted of downloading child sex images has been revealed as working at Barnsley hospital.


Consultant Philip McAndrew, 56, was found to have been employed by the hospital after a source tipped off The Sun newspaper.

The radiologist has eight job conditions imposed on him by the General Medical Council (GMC) including clinical supervision, having to notify the GMC of new employment and allowing the GMC to share information with his employer.

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He is also barred from working as a locum and must tells employers of the conditions imposed on him.

Dr McAndrew was fined £1,500 in 1998 after admitting downloading pornographic images of young children on his computer.

He was working as a consultant radiologist with Kirkcaldy Acute Hospital at the time but moved to Ireland after his employers said his behaviour didn’t meet required standards.

He was forced out of his next job at the South Infirmary in Cork after bosses learned of his conviction.

A GMC spokesman confirmed the doctors registration status, adding: “The doctor has a conditions on his practice for a matter that we continue to investigate.”