Dog lover saves her pet from attack by hawk

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A GREAT-GRANDMOTHER who grappled with a hawk to save the life of her pet dog has said she was terrified the bird was going to kill her beloved companion.

Margaret McKever, 74, saved the chihuahua, named Riso, from an attack by the bird, which swooped into her garden.

After wrenching it off the tiny dog, Mrs McKever, of Huddersfield, who has arthritis, watched in horror as it then chased her pet through her kitchen and into the front room.

Riso, nine, suffered a number of peck injuries to his head before she chased the bird away.

“It was terrifying, a very nasty experience,” the retired pharmacy assistant said. “I thought Riso was going to be killed.

“It’s lucky I went out to the kitchen when I did or the hawk would most probably flown off with little Riso.

“Through the frosted glass I saw this black shape floating down – at first I thought it was a bin bag or something, but then I realised what it was. I dashed outside and grabbed onto the hawk’s wings to pull it off.

“I don’t know where I got my strength from. I pulled the hawk off three times and after that Riso ran into the house but to my shock the hawk followed him in. I had to run inside and try to pull him off again.”

“Poor Riso was very shaken up, he didn’t move all day,” Mrs McKever added. “The hawk attacked him at ten o’clock in the morning and he didn’t move until about five o’clock in the evening. He’s still a little shaky now.”