Dog owners warned about potentially fatal lungworm virus as over 40 cases confirmed in Yorkshire

A parasite which could be potentially fatal to dogs is spreading across Britain and several cases have been reported in Yorkshire.

Lungworm infections lead to serious health problems for dogs , and can kill them if left untreated.

Lungworm is carried by molluscs such as slugs and snails, which can be passed to your pet when a dog accidentally eats them while when rummaging through mud or while drinking, or picking up a toy.

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Lungworm cases can be difficult to diagnose without professional help as it has symptoms shared with common ailments.

But vets are able to detect the illness through blood tests or stool samples.

Pharmaceutical company Bayer has put together an interactive map of confirmed cases - with over 40 cases confirmed in Yorkshire, including 25 in Leeds.

If your dog is displaying any of the signs below, consult your veterinary surgeon immediately

Breathing problems:

Coughing, Tiring easily

General sickness:

Weight loss

Poor appetite



Changes in behaviour:




Poor blood clotting:

Excessive bleeding from even minor wounds/cuts

Nose bleeds

Anaemia (paleness around the eyes and gums)