Don’t deny children the Bard

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From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I AM beginning to believe that we are becoming a nation of philistines. Jayne Dowle recently dismissed the performing arts as “prancing around in tights”.

Now, according to police officer, motorcyclist and Anglican priest turned author GP Taylor, the “language and context “ of Shakespeare is not relevant to children (The Yorkshire Post, May 5).

Yes, Shakespeare is challenging, but so are Latin, modern languages, physics and chemistry, difficult subjects which are being sidelined in favour of the likes of media and business studies.

I was introduced to Shakespeare at school. Now the Bard still speaks to me every day, such is his grasp of the human condition. It also gives me great pleasure to recite in my head chunks of his incomparable verse which my English teacher encouraged me to learn by heart.

There is a place for JK Rowling, Sue Townsend and even GP Taylor but, judging from their commercial success, children don’t need any encouragement to read them. Nor do children always know what is best for them.

Time for vote on hanging

From: Keith Bagot, The Terrace, Honley, Holmfirth.

I BELIEVE our justice and penal system needs a drastic reform. Just look at what happened the other day when Michael Wheatley walked out of an open prison after being given 13 life sentences?

What was he doing there in the first place? Who is to blame for him being placed in the open prison?

Whenever the topic arises about bringing back hanging, the do-gooders always bring up about the past miscarriages of justice regarding hanging. But in today’s world of forensic science, miscarriages of justice are very rare indeed.

We the taxpayers pay more to keep a prisoner in the penal system than we do to look after an aged person in a nursing home, hence I believe it is time for us – the general public – to have a vote on whether to bring capital punishment back into this country.

We have no real deterrent to crime in this country any more. Why? Because prison life is easy these days.

Store’s mist opportunity

From: Mark Benson, Allerston, Pickering.

MORRISONS is going to pot (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, May 6)! Having recently complained about tomatoes going mouldy within a day or so of purchase, on a subsequent visit to the Seamer store my wife found mouldy tomatoes actually on display.

She has also brought filthy wine bottles to the attention of the stores management but this persists. As for the “misting” of veg, this is a total nonsense and seems to contribute to early rotting of the produce.

From: Brian Darvell, Thurlow Avenue, Molescroft, Beverley.

DALTON Philips, CEO of Morrisons, seems he has no concept of what people want from their supermarkets in this day and age. We were avid shoppers in our local store in Beverley where the manager was upfront and personal with shoppers,staff were polite and helpful and prices were reasonable.

But then The Great Leap Forward took place – misty fruit and veg. Why? An inability to get the home delivery up and running, certain underhand tactics on displaying goods where if the line on offer had run out a quick replacement with a similar higher priced item was substituted without removing the offer price.

Our local one man band butcher now offers fresher locally sourced meat at a cheaper price.

A malign influence

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

I AM very grateful to Martin D. Stern for his very clear definitions of the words “Muslim” and “Islamist.” I had thought that they probably did have those meanings (The Yorkshire Post, May 7).

One is seeing evidence of this “Islamist” meaning in the disturbing enquiries in some schools in Birmingham and now Bradford.

Happily schools run by the Church of England do not make that sort of threat to society.

One wonders why, in this “Christian” country, there are schools which are open to “Islamist” literature and influence.

Song of love for teacher

From: M Coop, Marsden Lane, Marsden, Huddersfield.

SUCH a dedicated teacher was Ann Maguire, what a lucky college to have such a person.

Did I hear in some report that she taught a choir?

Would it not be a fitting 
tribute to her for the choir to record Lulu’s song To Sir With Love but the lyrics could be changed to “To Ann With Love”.

I think the lyrics are so 

The money from the sales could go to make a bust of Ann to be placed in the college as a fitting tribute.