Doncaster biker, 18, wins payout after skidding on farm mud

A TEENAGER has been awarded £10,000 compensation after skidding on mud left by a farmer on a country road and getting thrown off her motorbike.

Carrie Dickinson of Belton, near Doncaster, came off her bike due to mud left on the road.

Carrie Dickinson, who was 16 when the accident happened close to two farmers’ fields close to her home in Belton, near Doncaster, suffered a broken collarbone and severe concussion.

Her father, who was travelling minutes behind her, found her injured on the grass verge. She later went to hospital where it was discovered her collarbone was fractured.

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Her lawyers, Hull-based Hudgell Solicitors, alleged the farmer had allowed the highway to become dangerous by failing to remove the mud or warn roadusers of the hazard.

Miss Dickinson said: “I had been riding for about a month and I was always a safe driver. I’m disgusted the farmer didn’t clear up the road, or put some signs up. If the mud wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have happened.

“The accident happened mid-corner and I ended up about 20 metres down the road. It’s a bit of a blur. It was pure shock.”

Personal injury claim handler Rebecca Cone said the same insurance company represented two local farmers and admitted liability on behalf of one of them, following the accident in October 2013. She said: “This was quite an unusual case. There was a lot of mud and it was clear to see in the photographic evidence, but we still had to prove the farmer was negligent in not removing it.”

Her father Garry, who took photographs of the accident scene to help as evidence for the case, said the image of his daughter on the roadside was something which would stay with him forever.

He said: “I instantly panicked. She was dazed and had taken her crash helmet and gloves off. She was rambling and in shock.

“To see your daughter there at the side of the road is every parent’s worst nightmare.”