Doncaster shopper buys 15 tins of Quality Street as Tesco slashes price of tubs to £1.25 after Christmas

A Doncaster shopper has revealed how she bought 15 tins of Quality Street after Tesco slashed prices to get rid of surplus stock after Christmas.

The tins of Quality Street are flying off the shelves at Tesco.

The supermarket firm has reduced 900g tins - which normally retail at £6 to just £1.25 - and shoppers nationwide have been filling their trollies with the festive chocolate assortment.

And a Doncaster shopper was among those taking advantage.

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Customers were first alerted to the cut-price chocolates on the Hot UK Deals website, where a user told members that the festive treats had been heavily discounted.

User Applejammer said she picked up 15 tins, and said there were three pallets full of the products at her local Doncaster Tesco supermarket.

Some stores have put a four-tin limit on the chocolates, but others allow customers to buy as many as they like, which some are taking full advantage of.

Shoppers snapped pictures of entire swatches of shelves at Tesco stores lined with the Quality Street tins, which the supermarket didn't manage to clear during the Christmas period.

The tins are only discounted in stores that have stock marked up as 'reduced to clear,' with the deal not available online.

Tesco has also reduced the prices of other chocolate, including Lindt bears, which are down to 75p, and tubs of Swizzels sweets, which are marked down to £1.