Doncaster teenager completes 24 hour gaming marathon to raise £300 for RSPCA

A tech-mad teenager from Doncaster has raised £300 for charity after successfully completing a 24-hour gaming marathon.

Lean Bingham.

Leah Bingham, 17, undertook the gruelling challenge on Saturday to collect cash for the RSPCA - all the while livestreaming the event to her fans and fellow gamers around the world.

Leah, from Lindholme, sat in front of her gaming console for a full day, playing a wide variety of video games and taking on other players to raise cash for the animal charity.

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She spent Sunday in bed, catching up on sleep from her gaming bonanza.

She is a popular figure in the gaming community with 43,800 followers on Instagram and is also an Instagram UK gaming ambassador.

Last year, she took part in a similar event for MacMillan Cancer Support and raised £110.

You can still donate to her fundraising efforts HERE