Donor celebrates his 50th sapling along Harrogate’s beautiful cherry tree walk

Cherry Tree Walk in full bloom on The Stray in Harrogate.
Cherry Tree Walk in full bloom on The Stray in Harrogate.
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It is one of Harrogate’s most photographed sights and credit for its beauty is owed in no small part to prolific donor, Guy Tweedy.

‘Cherry Tree Walk’ which runs across a section of The Stray has now been added to with a 50th sapling paid for by Mr Tweedy, who lives nearby on York Place.

Mr Tweedy began to cover the cost of replacement cherry trees in 2005 when vandals destroyed nearly 30 new saplings in one night.

Last year, the businessman planted 12 more in memory of Geoffrey Raspin, the former head of Grosvenor House Preparatory School.

Mr Tweedy said: “Like all of us who live on York Place, The Stray is our front garden, and we are incredibly lucky to overlook such a beautiful part of Harrogate.

“The cherry trees are one of the most prominent features, and, when in blossom, people come from far and wide to photograph them.

“I have an excellent relationship with the borough council’s parks and gardens department, and they always let me know if any trees are in need of placement.

“Whilst sadly some fall victim to mindless vandals, the majority of trees I have paid for are to replace ones that have come to the end of their lives.”