Driven to distraction by selfish users on Yorkshire’s roads

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From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

THERE are frequent letters about the bad habits of motorists regarding cyclists.

Of course, there are selfish drivers of motor cars and also motorcyclists, but as Mrs A Taylor pointed out (Yorkshire Post, October 19), there are quite a number of very selfish cyclists too.

I quite agree with her views that cyclists should be compelled by law to wear high visibility clothing, proper lights and reflective discs on rear mudguards.

Some are very selfish indeed and don’t appear to read or care about the good practice advised in the Highway Code. I wonder if any cyclists even know about the Highway Code and that there is a section devoted to their safety and the safety of other road users.

Perhaps the Cycling Club officials who are very ready 
with blame for the motorists should be the people to make sure that this knowledge is widely known.

It also really should be part of the sales practice of shopkeepers to make sure that the new owners of bicycles 
have the knowledge of the Highway Code, otherwise 
how will they get to know about it unless a parent decides to share this information with them?

From: Jim McGurn, chief executive, Get Cycling CiC, Hospital Fields Road, York.

I READ Mrs A Taylor’s letter on York cyclists with some astonishment (Yorkshire Post, October 19). I ride to work four miles every day and it is very, very rare to see a cyclist on a pavement. I see hundreds of cyclists and motorists getting to work each day without bothering each other and without animosity, and the more who choose bikes instead of cars, the smaller the traffic jams for all motorists.

We all use virtually all forms of transport at various times. No-one can be typecast as “a motorist” or “a cyclist”. I ride my bike as much as I can, but I drive a car occasionally, often to transport my disabled son, and I run a company which could not function without commercial vans.

I will however say this: anyone, including sometimes me, who chooses to transport themselves round York in a polluting, inequitable and potentially dangerous form of transport should not be given the same priority by City of York Council.

The Council have their priorities right. They are not “anti-motorist”, they are simply following sensible government guidelines.

It is also not right to smear all cyclists because one idiotic youth knocked a pedestrian over. I have not heard of a similar incident in three decades in York, and it is in any case a youth problem, not a cyclists problem.

From: Alan Davies, Heathfield Court, Grimsby.

I WAS aghast when I read Joanne Ginley’s article (Yorkshire Post, October 19) ‘Biker Fined Over 139mph Ride on Country Road’.

When such pieces are written may I ask your colleagues to provide: a) an estimate of the stopping distance required (at 140mph it would be about 1,120 feet); and b) the extra distance travelled as compared with the stopping distance of a vehicle travelling at the legal speed