Driver RAMMED Sheffield police vehicle in bid to escape

A Sheffield driver involved in a police chase rammed a police vehicle before fleeing the scene.

The driver of this Range Rover rammed a police vehicle in a bid to escape officers - but was later caught. Picture: South Yorkshire Police

The incident took place last night, when the driver of a Range Rover failed to stop for police.

A spokesman for the Sheffield South West Neighbourhood Policing Team said yesterday: "The vehicle was pursued with the offender ramming into the Police vehicle. The offender ran from the car but SYP’s finest officer’ managed to catch and arrest him.

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"He will be spending the night in a less comfortable cell."

Officers also caught the driver of a Ford Focus who they saw driving erratically on St Mary’s Gate, Sheffield last night.

The spokesman added: "The vehicle was stopped and the driver found to be uninsured – vehicle seized."