Drug addict made ill by his habit wins payout

A DRUG addict whose amphetamine habit gave him kidney stones received £27,000 in compensation because his condition was not treated properly in prison, a Yorkshire police officer has revealed.

Sergeant Richard Sainsbury, whose team arrested the unnamed criminal, said he was a "permanent drain on the UK's resources" who had never worked and was still receiving full benefits despite the award.

Sgt Sainsbury, a South Yorkshire Police officer with 33 years'

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experience, gave details about the case after the coalition Government told police forces across the country to save 500m.

He learned of the compensation award when the criminal was arrested for possessing 70 worth of amphetamines earlier this year. In a police magazine column, Sgt Sainsbury wrote the case made him "wonder where our priorities lie".

He added: "(The criminal's) condition was self-inflicted, or at least his drug addiction will have made the condition chronic. He actually told me amphetamines had caused the problem.

"Even though he is now very ill he is still abusing dangerous drugs and therefore making the condition worse.

"Having received the award his benefits should have stopped, or at

least been severely curtailed.

"A calculation should have been made of his cost to the UK over his criminal career and he should pay it back. Either that, or his payout should be shared between all the victims his crimes have generated over the years by way of compensation."