‘Drugs in loft’ tenant faces eviction

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A TENANT is facing eviction from his council house in Sheffield after cannabis plants were discovered growing in the loft.

Ian Craig, of Gresley Road in Lowedges, was caught with 13 plants in his loft when police attended his house after he reported a burglary.

The 40-year-old accepted a police caution, but Sheffield Council and Sheffield Homes then issued possession proceedings at Sheffield County Court.

At a hearing on Wednesday, January 11, which Mr Craig did not attend, Sheffield Homes was granted an order which gives them possession in 14 days.

Judge Robert Moore said he satisfied that the tenancy had been breached and that it was reasonable to make a possession order.

He added that cannabis of this quantity might usually attract a sentence of up to 40 weeks in prison.

Coun Harry Harpham said: “We act swiftly and decisively when criminal activity is discovered in any of our properties.

“The ultimate price a tenant can pay for behaviour like this is eviction from their home, as Mr Craig has found to his cost.”

Mr Craig was also ordered to pay the council’s costs of £500.