Drum salute in York for returning soldiers

A WELCOME befitting a long-awaited return was given in York to 600 soldiers who have served their country on foreign shores.

The Corps of Drums perform for the 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment who have just returned from Cyprus (GL1006/29g)

After three years based mainly in Cyprus, the 2nd Battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment were greeted back home by a stirring performance undertaken by the Corps of Drums today.

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It was a chance of the Corps to display the Sevastopol Drum of 1865 which was captured from Russian forces by the 14th York East Riding Regiment of Foot in the 1855 Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

As well as filling in as the standing defence force in Cyprus, the 2nd Battalion has also been serving in Syria where they trained local forces and in Romania where they participated in NATO training courses, but finally there latest mission is over.

The drummers’ performance was given to the soldiers at the York Army Museum in Tower Street, which is also where Regimental Headquarters are sited. It was the first chance for members of the Battalion to visit the new museum since it opened.