Drunken trespassers face ban from rail network after running across tracks

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GANGS of drunken revellers have been warned they are placing themselves in grave danger after running across the tracks at a train station in a Yorkshire market town.

British Transport Police officers yesterday condemned the actions of groups of men who have been playing a potentially deadly game of dare after going on all-day drinking sessions in Knaresborough.

There have been a series of reports of men running across the train and climbing on the gantries at the railway station after they are thought to have gone on the prolonged drinking sessions before arriving back to catch a train.

The latest case was at 7.55pm on Saturday last weekend when a group of about a dozen men, all aged in their 20s, ran across the tracks to the York-bound platform. One of the men stopped on the tracks at the station while he made a phone call. Another man is alleged to have pulled down his trousers and pretended to defecate off the platform onto the tracks.

The group left the station and made their way to a nearby pub only to be turned away. They then returned and began hassling people on a station platform.

PC Nick Storey, who is involved in the British Transport Police investigation, said: ““We do not want to ruin a day out for people, but we have to consider the safety of all rail passengers and staff.

“We take a dim view of anyone who carries out criminal or anti-social behaviour. We will not hesitate to take action against anyone who behaves in a problematic manner and will prosecute anyone that does so.”

Police patrols at the station have been stepped up and officers have also spoken to residents and pub landlords in a bid to trace the offenders.

PC Storey warned that the trespassers, if caught, could be banned from travelling on the rail network and also receive a criminal record which could put their jobs in jeopardy.

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