Dry weather still a threat to wildlife admits agency

Recent rain has helped refill some of Yorkshire’s rivers but the levels in others are still low, the Environment Agency said yesterday.

Agency officials said the wettest week across England and Wales since February had provided some relief for farmers and gardeners, but drought is still gripping parts of the country.

Environment planning officer Stacey Roe said that, in Yorkshire, the rainfall had been near average in May and normal in June.

“Although we are not in drought conditions, our concern is that continued dry weather, particularly associated with warmer summer temperatures, could affect wildlife including fish and plant life in and around rivers,” she said.

In its latest update on the drought, the Agency said south-west England and south Wales had been particularly wet in the past week. However, so far this month central and eastern England have received less than half the average rainfall for June.

Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and western Norfolk remain in a state of drought, the Agency said.

The rain has also provided some respite for farmers.