Dug-up clay commemorates revamp

CLAY excavated from Greenhead Park in Huddersfield has been used to make a special commemoration of its £5.4m restoration.

Potter Peter Fisher has turned some of the clay into 10 pots which will be planted up and put into the park's restored conservatory in the new year. He has also produced two commemorative plaques, one of which will go into the revamped refreshment rooms and the other into the new restaurant extension behind the conservatory.

The idea to mark the park's restoration came to Mr Fisher when he saw the excavation being carried out to recreate the original lake. He asked if he could have some of the ochre-coloured clay that is typical of the West Yorkshire region.

Park manager Robert Whittaker could not give him any of the clay removed from the lake area as it was reused as a natural liner for the lake. Instead Mr Fisher was given clay removed during the planting of an avenue of trees.

The pots will be planted and moved to the conservatory when it is warmer.

The restoration is being funded by Kirklees Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund, which allocated 3.75m to the scheme.