The Duke of York: Eugenie and Jack needed a church big enough for their friends

The Duke of York has said his daughter's wedding has more guests than Harry and Meghan's - because she has so many friends.

A wedding guest adjusts her head wear as she takes her seat ahead of the wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. PIC: PA

He also told ITV that the Queen was certain about holding the nuptials at Windsor.

In a pre-recorded interview with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, the father of the bride said that he was “not intimately involved in the planning”.

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And he said: “All the approval goes through the Queen anyway. It was what I was told, where it was going to take place.

“The Queen very firmly said: ‘No, St George’s is where you are going to have the wedding.’

“So I said: ‘Aye, aye ma’am’, turn to the right, salute and carry on.”

Speaking about Harry and Meghan’s hugely successful wedding, he said: “It will not be the same as the previous one that was held in May. It’s not a public wedding. This is meant to be a family wedding.”

But he added: “There will be a few more people than most people have. There are a few more than Harry had. But that’s just the nature of Eugenie and Jack.

“They have got so many friends that they need a church of that size to fit them all in.”

He said of his daughter’s dress: “I’m led to believe that the train is quite wide so I have got to walk on the left of the carpet to make sure she can get down the middle.

“That’s a lesson I got from my wedding when my father-in-law walked down the middle and Sarah said: ‘Get over to the other side.’”

He said his own role was “very small,” adding: “I just have to walk slowly... I don’t write speeches. Why should I write this one?

“She’s a chip off the old block. She’s a little like her father. She’s quite decisive, but she’s got a huge heart and Jack is an extraordinary young man, one of the kindest hearts I think I know.

“I think he’s met his match with Eugenie. It’s a good match together, but it’s wonderful watching them interact together, because it’s almost as if they’re a married couple now.

“I have huge hopes and I’m sure they will be massively in love for the rest of their lives and I’m incredibly proud of both of them. I’m sure that she will be an absolutely outstanding bride.”