EA policy on tidal surges deeply flawed

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From: John Goodman, Grove Close, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

THERE have been four major tidal surges in the Humber Estuary over the last 60 years, each larger than the previous one.

The policy of the Environment Agency (EA) of repeatedly raising the banks around the Humber (200km plus) every time there is a higher tidal surge is deeply flawed.

The EA has spent upwards of £500m pursuing this policy and now proposes to spend at least a further £200m, all without any guarantee of success.

The higher the level of the Humber the greater will be the devastation should any section fail.

The fact that the EA is considering modelling the Humber at this late stage is a matter of great concern. If a review of the flood protection around the Humber is to be carried out it should be independent of the EA.

There is a pressing need for a Humber Estuary Water Management Authority covering the whole of the Humber catchment, managed for water supply as well as flood protection. There can be no doubt that the lives of thousands of people are at risk if the present policies continue.

Only a Humber Barrier meets the criteria of effective flood protection with increased water resources.

Well done
Lib Dems...

From: N Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley.

WHAT an excellent week the Liberal Democrats have had. In Leeds, they came up with the idea that council employees using larger-engined cars on official business be paid the recommended HMRC maximum rate of 45p, instead of the current level of 65p per mile; this is estimated to save £420,000 a 

In Calderdale, they are trying to make the workforce more efficient by clamping down on sick pay, making employees work three days before they qualify. They are also motivating council workers by giving them one 
day extra holiday if they have a 100 per cent attendance 

It takes the common sense of the Liberal Democrats to come up with such good ideas. Conservative and Labour are too blinkered by their right- or left- wing ideas.

US guilty 
over wars

From: R Cartlidge, Storth Lane, Wales, Sheffield.

THE real contender for war is not Russia, but America. Glance back in time, ie Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan etc to name but a few.

Indeed, a group of mixed nations’ professors cited over 90, whereas Russia have never invaded, going in only at the nation’s request. We also, during 1918, invaded Russia.

It was in fact a Marx ruling never to invade. Hence, Stalin never invaded nor the Soviet Union, as they were requested to offer aid over a long period.

Lenin founded the Soviet Union by personal negotiation, not by force.

If it wasn’t for Russia there wouldn’t be any Ukraine as it would be under German fascist rule, whereby a huge loss of Russian life was sacrificed.


From: Ms L Stevenson, Lay Garth Green, Rothwell.

REGARDING the ongoing problem people are having to face with the parking of cars when parents are dropping their children off at school: up to now in the area where I live I have observed the lollipop lady as usual, the police sometimes, and sometimes PCSOs.

This is very welcome as I thought maybe they 
would monitor the situation, 
but the problem seems just as bad. Nothing seems to be 

I start work at 7am, therefore finishing at 3pm, meaning I cannot access my street till at least a quarter to four so I 
find I am sitting near my home waiting for the mayhem to die down.

The school is Rothwell Primary off Stonebrig Lane, and the majority of housing is sheltered housing for the elderly, who 
have carers, family and disabled access buses trying to get in and out.

I shudder to think if we had to have an ambulance or fire engine try to get in.

Is there going to be any end to this saga, does anyone know?


From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

JOHN Watson would like to see a total ban on imported players right across the English football leagues (Yorkshire Post, March 5).

I wondered if that would include players from the Republic of Ireland and Scotland (if the Scots become independent), but we’ll let that go by.

I assume his argument is that foreign imports are to blame for the lack of English players good enough to perform on the world stage.

The reality is that England has never been a world force in international football apart from in 1966 when they won the World Cup with the assistance of home advantage and a Russian linesman.

Yes, top footballers’ wages are obscene, but don’t blame the players. I would be proud to have a grandson like the unfairly despised Wayne Rooney, whose talents have brought him such wealth.

Blame TV and American sport: football has been a business for at least a century but the likes of basketball and gridiron first turned top sports personalities into showbiz stars.

I shall be watching with interest Uefa’s Financial Fair Play initiative to punish over-spending clubs.

For the record, I share Mr Watson’s admiration for the late Sir Tom Finney: he couldn’t beat the USA on his own.

I saw him play several times. A great player and a lovely man. The greatest compliment 
I can pay him is that some of the best foreign players of 
today sometimes remind me of him.