Easter Sunday in the Dales: "Traffic mayhem and dangerously parked cars"

A Yorkshire Dales resident has hit out at visitors whose badly parked vehicles are making life a misery for those who live there.

Andy Kaye, from Malham, photographed several dangerously parked cars and camper vans on Easter Sunday in the popular tourist spot.Buses struggled to access narrow roads due to cars left on verges, and farmers were unable to get their tractors past some of the vehicles.

"While I live in a beautiful part of the Dales and welcome visitors, there is an increasing number of inconsiderate people parking their cars dangerously, which then causes traffic mayhem at busy times like Easter Sunday," said Andy.

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"Cars were abandoned all over the village and parked so it caused traffic bottlenecks, and made it difficult for the bus to get through. We had a gas explosion a few years ago and yesterday a fire engine would have been seriously delayed.

"Local farmers struggle in tractors; what is normally a 15-minute journey for them took 40 minutes yesterday. There was a field open for car parking but people chose to abandon their vehicles instead."

"Please, think of the consequences of inconsiderate parking when visiting the Dales."