Eco-friendly innovations revealed

From carpets made of old car tyres to window blinds which insulate the home, Channel 4 presenter of Grand Designs Kevin McCloud unveiled his "top 10" eco-products to help people green their homes.

The Kevin's Green Heroes initiative aims to highlight innovative technology and ideas, and products which are new to this county or made by small companies or artisans.

Mr McCloud, who is launching his favourite eco-ideas at the Grand Designs Live show in London from Saturday, said they include solar panels which generate hot water and electricity at the same time and are more efficient as a result, products such as cloths and sponges made from recycled plastic and wool insulation made from hill farm sheep.

The list ranges from eco-building materials and products which can be "retrofitted" to make houses greener and more energy efficient to furniture and fittings from recycled products.

"These products represent the full gamut of solutions, from stuff which is cleverly recycled or "up-cycled" to new technologies and hi-tech solutions."

He said that technology would have a "really significant role to play" in making living greener.

Britain had great engineers, and a "fantastic capacity for original thought".