Education must be in best interests of children with special needs - The Yorkshire Post says

TODAY’S claim from a disability charity that children with special needs are being ‘forced out’ of mainstream education is extremely concerning.

In its latest investigation, The Yorkshire Post, along with its JPI Media sister titles, has revealed that there has been a rise in the number of children going to special schools while, at the same time, the proportion of young people with special needs in mainstream education has fallen.

This is despite legal changes to encourage mainstream schools to be more inclusive.

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Parents protest in Yorkshire over special educational needs scandal The Alliance for Inclusive Education says that mainstream education no longer has the money or support to facilitate this, leaving parents with no choice than to send their children to special schools.

Yet, choice is key. It is only right that children with special educational needs have the same opportunities than those who do not and, as such, are able to study in mainstream school wherever possible.

A tragedy and a disgrace: the state of special educational needs funding – Louise HaighAdequate funding for the necessary support and resources is therefore vital to ensure that children and young people are not unnecessarily excluded from their peers as a result of any additional learning requirements they may have.

Of course, there will be some pupils who will thrive better in a special school, no matter how much support is on offer in mainstream provision.

How special needs families are finding their voice in SEND battle – Katherine Runswick-ColeOnly after assessing young people on a case by case basis is a true understanding of their behaviour and needs possible – and this process is absolutely critical to ensuring that the child’s best individual interests are put first and foremost at all times.