Education no substitute for experience of life

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From: David W. Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

YET more humbug and sour grapes from our politicians, notably this time from Michael Gove and Sayeeda Warsi in their petty complaint about the number of Old Etonians in David Cameron’s inner circle.

Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, March 22) rightly says that what is more important is the calibre and experience of politicians – irrespective of their educational background.

While good educational qualifications are important, surely we should be encouraging and recruiting a better standard of politician who has first-hand experience of the outside world instead of the jaded, boring and ill-qualified bunch we now have – particularly within the three main parties, with a few notable exceptions.

And while we sort out the riff-raff at Westminster, there is another establishment which needs a Spring clean and that is the BBC, as the Rev McNicholas has already stated in his 
letter (The Yorkshire Post, March 20).

While that organisation is cleansed, we should also rid ourselves of the archaic and abused system of the House of Lords and the yearly appointment of failed politicians to peerages at great expense to the nation.