A-levels results in full for East Yorkshire schools

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Check out our round up of A-level results for schools in East Yorkshire.

Hymers College, Hull

T Abdul−Hameed chem**, eng lit*, maths**, frth maths**; R Adams span, chem, biol*; D Appiah bio, chem, econ; B Atkin chem*, phys**, biol**; A Atkinson chem*, span*, biol*; A Bartlett biol**, chem**, phys**, maths**; J Bentley geog**, biol*, chem*; C Booker gen studs, psychol, biol, span; E Bowers biol, chem, maths; M Boyers biol*, chem*, maths*; O Briscoe biol, chem*, maths; J Cameron−Johnson gen studs, germ, pe; A Carty gen studs, des tech, eng lit, rel studs*; S Casey gov and polits*, hist*, lat; E Chambers gen studs, ICT, eng lit, maths; M Chaudhry chem**, biol*, maths**; LE Clarke psychol, biol, chem; LM Clarke biol, gen studs*, des tech**, eng lit; A Claxton bus studs, psychol, eng lit; E Clifton fren, span,eng lit*;

A Code gen studs, geog*, econ, psychol; J Coe-Fowler econ, phys, maths*; R Daudney phys, ICT, maths; O Dawson gov and polits, eng lit, dram and theat studs; G Dean busi studs*, psychol*, biol*; R Denetto gov and polits, span, rel studs*; J Dunn econ*, biol*, maths; L Eccles biol*, chem*, maths**, frth maths; A Elliott gen studs, fren*, eng lit*, rel studs*; L Fitzpatrick chem*, phys*, frth maths*, maths*; G Freeman geog*, biol*, chem*; N Gibson busi studs**, fine art, des tech**; P Grover biol**, fren*, maths*; G Hardman chem*, phys, frth maths, maths*; E Hart psychol, fren, mus; E Hasan biol*, chem, maths*; S Hassan chem**, maths*; W Holtby econ**, hist, rel studs*; S Johnson germ, dram and theat studs, mus; C Kilpatrick busi studs*, hist, maths;

E Kime gov & polits*, hist*, rel studs*; S Lanka biol, chem**, maths*; S Lin biol, chem*, phys, maths*; L Maguiness gen studs, geog*, hist, lat; S McDermott geog, econ, des tech*; D Miklova econ, fren, span*; S Millett gen studs, geog, biol, span; A Ming gen studs*, biol*, eng lit**, hist**; M Mirza gen studs, econ*, chem, maths; K Mohsen econ**, phys**, maths**, frth maths**; O Nelson des tech, busi studs**, pe; C Nettleton biol**, chem**, fren*, maths*; L Oglesby eng lit*, dram and theat studs**, hist; K O’Reilly gen studs, busi studs**, gov & polits, rel studs*; C Pang busi studs*, econ*, psychol; L Parker econ, pe*, rel studs; A Peiris biol*, chem*, maths*; E Perry gen studs, eng lit, dram and theat studs, mus; A Raghunuth econ*, biol, maths; S Ramshaw biol*, chem**, maths*;

R Ravu gen studs, psychol*, phys, maths*; S Redmond gen studs*, biol**, chem**, phys**, maths**, frth maths**; J Robinson gov & polits, hist*, rel studs; H Sail psychol, fine art, eng lit*; R Sayer phys, des tech**, maths; C Schellingerhout phys, fren, maths*; B Shamsaee, biol*, chem*, maths*; J Sharp, econ**, chem**, fren, maths*; N Shode, econ*, eng lit**, maths*; J Shortman, gen studs*, geog**, fren*, eng lit**; H Skelley, geog, eng lit**, hist**; O Southwell, chem, phys, maths*, frth maths; D Stabler, busi studs**, gov & polits, eng lit; M Stabler, econ*, eng lit, rel studs*; A Standing, psychol, mus*, rel studs; F Suter, gen studs, econ, gov & polits, eng lit; L Sweeney, biol*, fren**, germ*, maths*; C Thompson, geog*, psycho*, biol; J Tinker, econ, phys**, chem*, maths**; R Tomlinson, gen studs, psychol, eng lit, hist*;

E Trafford, chem*, hist, maths; L Trynka, econ*, hist, rel studs*; H Tyson, gov & polits, eng lit, hist; M Vijh, chem*, span*, maths**; R Vijh, econ, chem**, maths**, frth maths*; O Waddington, chem, phys, maths; S Ward, econ, chem*, maths*; C Watts, fren**, dram and theat studs**, lat**, maths**, frth maths**; A Webb, econ*, biol*, chem; R Wicks, busi studs, psychol, biol*; E Wilkinson, gov & polits, hist**, maths*; C Willoughby, gen studs*, fren*, span*, maths*, lat**; J Willson, gen studs, econ, fren, maths; S Wilson−Mason, psychol, eng lit, hist; D Woodward, bus studs, des tech, pe; A Youden, phys, des tech, maths; A Young, econ*, fren*, maths*; A Younus, econ**, biol, chem*; K Yu, gen studs**, biol**, chem*, fren*.



Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*);

Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think;

Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

media studies –med studs; music –mus; music technology –mus tech; panjabi –panj; performance studies –perf studs; performing arts –perf arts; philosophy –philos; pe –pe; photography –photy; physics –phys; product Design –prod des; psychology –psychol; Religious studies –rel studs; Russian –russ; science –sci; sociology –sociol; spanish –span; sport and physical education –sport and pe; statistics –stats; Textiles –textiles; Theatre studies –theat studs; Travel and Tourism – trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (dble award) –trav and tour2; Urdu - Urdu